Asia Will Freeze In 2016

|| Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) Andi Eka Sakya explained extremism that occurred in several parts of the world changes are application- danya polar vortex phenomenon. This phenomenon, according to him, a kind of air pressure surrounding the North Pole is shaped like a wave.

Asian region itself also felt the impact of the phenomenon known as cold surges or cold seruak this. Exposed area is the territory of China, Hong Kong to North Vietnam.

"This explains why in the USA east coast snowstorm. Meanwhile, in Europe today is warm. I was in Geneva, the temperature of 7-10 degrees. Though the winters here are usually even to -1 degrees Celsius, "he said when contacted, yesterday (25/1).

how it impacts on Indonesia? Andi said that Indonesia has experienced the impact will not be as extreme as Hongkong. For Indonesia, the phenomenon affects the increase in rainfall intensity up to twice as much of what happened today. But there are some areas in Indonesia which snow or hail.

"In Indonesia, there are some areas that's going to snow or sleet. But to be aware of is the potential for torrential rain and heavy. Moreover, the current began to enter the peak of the rainy season, "he said.

Therefore, Andi urge that all parties can examine the potential of what happens next. Especially, the potential for flooding. Because, he says, the absorption of the surface of the soil, especially in big cities in Indonesia, already very low. In fact, no more than 20 percent.

Thus, over the years, rainwater flows seeking lower place. But unfortunately, it is often a lot of streets that slope is not suitable, poor drainage and lots of garbage clogging. As a result, the potential inundation and flooding rises. "So be careful. This case of high tide, then the potential bottlenecks and logistical distribution of inter-city and inter-island must be observed, "he said. viva resources
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