5 football players are more active in social media than in court

1. Joey Barton

Joey Barton has a long career in English football. Known for a violent and irritable, Barton was never far from controversy. The midfielder has played for many famous clubs in England including Manchester City and Newcastle United, who fondly remembered by fans.

However, since he left Newcastle United, Barton has spare time to be active in socmed, even some postingannya very funny, unlike the private in the field. Commenting on everything from Manny Pacquiao to Leeds United, Liverpool-born midfielder has become very popular in social media.

2. Mario Baloteli

Mario Balotelli is a puzzle that no one manager that is able to cope. Very talented but very unruly, Italy's forwards have that explosive movement, but often make silly mistakes. He alone can be relatively quite successful at Inter Milan, Manchester City and AC Milan, Super Mario was considered one of the world's best young players.

However, after Balotelli started to show faith that is not good. Some of them he set off fireworks at home, which makes fire, or often have disputes with the manager himself, Balotelli really do some things that are hard to explain.

Although the incident has been reduced over the past year, he is still very active on twitter and Instagram.

His performance in the field, however, has been very well known far since he joined Liverpool. Currently on loan to Milan, he struggled to get his best.

Fans are hoping that the Super Mario soon rediscover the form of the game and become more active in the field than in the social media.

3. Emanuel Frimpong

Emmanuel Frimpong is very active in social media, so much so that he had a tweet she tweeted nearly 7,000 more than his performance on the field. Ghana players currently playing for Russian club FC Ufa and now more popular in social media than his performance on the field.

Very active in sosmed began when he was still in uniform Arsenal, Frimpong continued to entertain his followers to tweet funny. However, some fans may be questioning his authority to comment on the players of the caliber of Toni Kroos. Here are some of his tweets:

4. Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor has played for several top clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Tottenham. However, he has always been a controversial figure with a commitment, he always asked to move clubs.

Adebayor now plays for Crystal Palace and the talented striker has scored every time he gets a chance in front of goal. However, in recent months at Tottenham, he was expelled, so he was unemployed for 6 months, which coud make it very active in social media

Adebayor has commented on a variety of topics ranging from the latest technology even to vent about his family.

5.Jose Enrique

Jose Enrique became more famous for his tweets than his performance on the field. Spanish left-back is almost never kicked a ball in three seasons, however, he remained very active in social media are always posting updates about everything from daily training session to welcome the cats to his family.


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