Artists repaired the wall by means of a unique

Jon Voorman background action is to start a movement that is pushing the world towards a better

Works of art can be applied anywhere. Even in public places which conditions the facilities are not ignored by many people. An artist from Germany, Jan. Voorman action that produces a unique work of art. He patching damage public facilities using lego toys, incredible! Come on, read to the end and enjoy his work.

his work is now followed by many more people from all over the world who were inspired by him

Jon Voorman also tucking his work among the rocks that support the building

Jon Voorman chose to apply the art of crafting lego in public facilities for the simple reason

Jon Voorman want to add a more beautiful atmosphere at public facilities

Because in many public facilities around the world, there are only dull colors

Just look at the results by Jan Voerman that is, causing a wonderful contrast is not it?

No matter how small, Voorman sure the action will trigger other positive movements around the world

here's a guy who makes a work of art

Voorman initiative was not in vain

A pedestrian trying to make sure that it touches is lego, not paint

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