Overcoming Facebook Group Invites Unknown

Maybe you often feel at the invite or put into groups with obscure on Facebook. True, or not?

Well, if a Facebook account you put into groups that are not clear and also the severity tend to be incorporated to the group illegal pornography or sadism by a person or a list of your friends, here's what you should do, guys, as collected from your Facebook Eddy pawpaw, Friday (22/1).

1. Check the names of groups on the menu board member 
Usually the board named foreigners from Vietnam or Korea or Thailand or not of your country. Immediately block caretaker yes.

2.Check who people who have added you to the group
Now that you know who's added you in the group, immediately block unquestionably, because the Facebook account had been infected with malware. But if the account is an account that added you your brother or your kin, it helps you immediately tell it to your brother.

3. Coming out of the group
The trick is to check the option prevents other members to add you to the group again at another time to come.

4. Never be curious to see the picture 
Additionally, do not curious to see the video, or link provided in that group. Why? Because in the image or video or the link has been hit by the malware programs.

Via : 8IntiSari
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